Here at Kingdom Kids, we believe a child should be allowed the opportunity to grow, develop and learn in an environment conducive to learning with love and encouragement by a professional.

  • Encourage each child in their own individual growth and development of positive self-image.
  • Position children in a positive environment with friendly yet firm professional guidance.
  • Be positive not harsh; gentle not weak; sincere and pleasant.
  • Establish a positive, patient and caring relationship personally with each child.
  • Always listen to the explanation of behavior.
  • Praise individual child’s good behavior.
  • Explain what’s negative about negative behavior.
  • Offer the child the opportunity to problem solve and resolve their own problems.
  • Offer the child input in suggesting options for their negative behavior.

Help, assist, communicate, praise, listen, redirect, be firm, soft, patient, caring, concern, friendly, positive, gentle, calm, loving and professional.

  • Fighting
  • Biting
  • Scratching                                          
  • Spitting                                               
  • Kicking                                                
  • Tripping
  • Pushing
  • Shoving                                               
  • Screaming                                       
  • Cursing                                                
  • Swearing


1st Warning:      Talk to the child

2nd Warning:     Time out: 1 minute per year old (except under 2yrs)

3rd Warning:      Remove child from negative environment

4th Warning:      Write or call and meet with parent

Final Action:      (Determined by staff) Suspension or Termination